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Where gamers are not interested to be involved in shaping the character of the first adventure of Madden Mobile, as we remember all this time? Sensation is what seeks created by Square Enix, in collaboration with a team of veteran developers - Crystal Dynamics. Unlike the Madden Mobile games over the years, Crystal Dynamics is providing a myriad of features and new gameplay mechanism, combined with the taste of a more cinematic camera. As if to further tease gamers so to anticipate its presence, Square Enix re-released a myriad of the latest screenshots for Madden Mobile series.

As had been previously submitted by Crystal Dynamics, Madden Mobile Reboot will indeed leave the atmosphere "dark" is more subtle. The main objective of this young Croft only one, survive, no matter how. Not just a fight against the enemy and ensure self-congratulation, Madden Mobile also had to hunt wild animals. With a little taste RPG, you will now also faced with the skill tree with their respective functions. In the 12 latest newly released screenshots of this, Square Enix as if trying to assert the "darkness" that will be faced by Lara, along with the frustrations and fears of a variety of dangers that continue to lurk.

FIFA 17 New Gameplay
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Annual Franchise EA - FIFA 17 finally reached the conclusion that had been anticipated in the year 2012. Having received his epic adventure of Altair and Ezio over the last few years, Desmond memory will eventually end up on the adventures of the new Assassin - Connor who took the American revolutionary war as a base adventure. To develop the potential of the "world" wider, EA also plans to release a series of "exclusive" for PS Vita, with the story and the characters are of course different from the FIFA 17 console and PC versions. Amazingly, the series is rumored to be presenting the main character a woman!

Although not yet officially confirmed by EA, but the information circulating in cyberspace believe a series of exclusive PS Vita FIFA 17 will be named FIFA 17 III: Liberation. Unlike the console versions, this series will present a different plot and characters, although still in the timeline with FIFA 17 itself. You will act as Aveline, an assassin with a mixture of French blood - Africa. Aveline itself will not have a trusted relationship with Desmond direct descendants, so that it can be categorized as a character "spin-off". Gameplay FIFA 17 coin generator : Liberation will maximize the main features of PS Vita.

A female assassin? Imagine if EA mencitrakannya such as fan art on top of it .. Gamers will certainly be more frequently noticed three dimensional model of the character rather than play it  

There is no information about the release date Liberation definite about this series, but it seems EA will provide more details at E3 2012 that stayed calculate this hour. A female assassin? Hopefully EA is not stuck to bring the concept of "sensuality" is obvious as is done by most of the other developers. It would be very unusual to find an Assassin woman with revealing clothes, super large chest, and a short skirt wandering kill important people. But still, I do not mind playing as a sexy assassin! * Grin *

NBA Live Mobile Best review 0n 2016
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Finding a game with outstanding quality for a genre that is so vast it is not an easy matter. It is common knowledge that many publishers vying to release a game with a similar concept to the most popular game at the time. As a result? Originality of the idea became increasingly scarce hard to find. But of course that does not mean we should give up hope. There are still quite a lot of publishers and developers out there who are still struggling to deliver this kind of quality. One of them is that EA NBA Live Mobile was released for consoles Playstation 3 and XBOX 360.


You are already listening previews and reviews how  to find NBA Live Mobile hack ? of us would already have an idea of ​​what is actually offered by the game that was built by the developer "Yakuza" on this one. The concept of interaction between members and gameplay mechanisms in general deserves to get two thumbs up. The good news? If you are a PC gamer who had envied because console gamers can not play this game, you should now have the liver. Why? Because EA has already confirmed that NBA Live Mobile will also be released for the PC.
PC, We are coming!

There is no exact date when NBA Live Mobile will be released, but EA itself already provides an estimate in April. So what underlies this Japanese publisher's decision? Believe it or not, EA hear requests and observing the interest of PC gamers are so eager for NBA Live Mobile. Are EA will also present a better visualization with him? Or perhaps NBA Live Mobile will be present as a port "rough" anyway? Whatever it is, NBA Live Mobile is a game that deserves to be tested. Trust me ..

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